OfficePOS is a PC-based software systems integration solution that replaces the stand-alone payment terminal/printer. It installs on your business PC and uses your existing internet connection to communicate directly with the payment processing network. Customer receipts can be printed on any connected Windows printer. You can have multiple staff, using individual laptops or PCs, use the same payment processing account without additional cost. 

OfficePOS can: 

  • Reduce your monthly payment processing costs by eliminating the cost of renting the payment processing terminal
  • Provide faster payment processing by using your high-speed internet connection to connect to the payment processing network
  • Eliminate the need for a mobile user to carry around a bulky and heavy payment processing terminal
  • Allows payment processing to take place anywhere you can access the internet – by either a wired or wireless connection
  • OfficePOS is currently in the final stages of development and testing. Expected release to production is in the first quarter of 2011